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Ledoux, Louis V.: A Descriptive Catalogue of an Exhibition of Japanese Landscape, Bird, and Flower Prints, and Surimono from Hokusai to Kyosai.


New York, The Grolier Club, april 1924. 8vo. xii + 96 pp. + 12 plates (the first, a frontispiece, in colour).


Marbled boards, the speckled paper from the original binding bound in as wrappers with the printed label neatly attached, uncut save for top edge (Albert Bonniers privatbokbinderi). Very fine. Provenace: Hans Eklund.


One of 300 copies, printed on Van Gelden Zonen paper at The Gilliss Press. The plates reproduce prints by Hiroshige, Yeishi, Hokusai, and Kuniyoshi.

Japanese Prints and Surimono from Hokusai to Kyosai

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