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Mörner, Hjalmar (Stockholm 1794–Paris 1837): Miscellaneous Sketches of Contrasts. Drawn by Njalmar [!] Mörner. [=Title on front wrapper.]


London, published by R. Ackermann, 96 Strand, 1831. Printed at C. Hullmandel’s Lithographic Establishment, 49, Gt Marlborough Strt. Folio. 42,5 x 32,5 cms. Pictorial lithographed wrappers + 6 lithographed plates.


Uncut in recent boards. Some slight foxing and creasing to plates, but very fine. Rare.


Several images to each sheet. The lithographed scenes contrast a French couple to an English one, drinking soldiers of 1500, 1750, 1810 and 1830, a game of chess between Charles XII and Frederic the Great overseen by Napoleon, a Salon in the year 1600 and one in 1830, a troubadour in 1330 and one in 1830, a German woman versus an Italian one, ”Dressed - undressed”, ”At home - Abroad”, ”Court Dress - Military Dress”, etc.


Swedish count Hjalmar Mörner, whose christian name has been misinterpreted on the title of this album, was a Swedish military man, one of the most talented draughtsmen among the many ”artist soldiers” of his time. Having received an artistic training aimed at drawing military maps etc., Mörner spent many years away from Sweden, in Italy, England and France, where he died in 1837. In England he published two rare albums, ”Miscellaneous Sketches of Contrasts” (1831) and ”Humourous Sketches” (1832), greatly influenced by the English caricaturists.

Mörner: Miscellaneous Sketches of Contrasts

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